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Organic Milk 2 Litres Barambah- LIMIT 2  per customer
Not Available
Milk - farm fresh Jersey milk - LIMIT 2 per customer
Fresh Farm Creamy Yoghurt
Buttermilk 1 L - Cheeses Loves You
Kefir - Cheeses Loves You
Eggs Organic 700g –  Certified Organic Eggs
Not Available
TWO CARTON SPECIAL  - Free Range Eggs Jumbo 2 X 12 800g CARTONS
Not Available
Eggs Free Range - JUMBO 800g - Knotsbury Farms
Organic CAMEMBERT - Symons 200g
Soft Cheeses - Cheeses Loves You
Cheese Packs - Cheeses Loves You
Organic Haloumi 200g - Symons
Haloumi - Cheeses Loves You
Organic Vintage Cheddar 150G - Symons
Tasty Cheddar SLICED - Organic 210g
Tasty Organic Cheddar - 250g Barambah
Hard Cheeses - Cheeses Loves You 100g
Organic Sour Cream - 200g
Artisan Feta - 3 Varieties - Cheeses Loves You
Feta in Brine - Organic 200g
Feta in Marinade - Organic 200g
Organic Parmesan Cheese block - Symons 150g
Mozzarella Organic Cheese 250g - Symons DairyMozzarella Organic Cheese 250g - Symons Dairy
Ricotta Cheese 500g - Cheeses Loves You
Crème Fraiche 250 grams - made at the dairy
Organic Butter Salted 250g - Organic Times
Organic Butter Unsalted 250g - Organic Times
Not Available
Curds from the Sourdough CrumpetCurds from the Sourdough Crumpet
Tasty Organic Shredded Cheddar - 250g Barambah