Kefir - Cheeses Loves You

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Size: 500ml

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Probiotic Kefir
Fun fact – Russians drink more milk kefir than any other country in the world. They drink kefir before hitting the vodka to line the gut then kefir after vodkato heal the gut!
Cheeses Loves You uses a fabulous Polish kefir culture everytime they make a batch of kefir, this makes the end result consistent every batch. The Jersey milk makes the kefir lovely and thick although as you shake the bottle the kefir breaks up  and is easier to pour. A few tablespoons a day is all that is needed especially when starting out while your gut is adjusting to all that goodness.
Milk kefir is full of magnesium, B vitamins, Folic acid plus the calcium from the milk. It restores the natural gut flora and once your gut is working efficiently then everything else kicks in.
If you would like to hear more about the milk kefir and good gut health this 1 hour podcast is brilliant!