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Type: Bluey

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Lola the Camozola

Velvet Chausette

Little Aud

Bluey approx 100g
Cheeses Loves You started off with a Stilton style Blue cheese recipe and started tweaking the recipe about a year ago. The cheese now is milder, softer and has a lovely creamy flavour due to that beautiful Jersey milk. It even has non blue eaters addicted!Penicilium Roqufortii is added to the milk when making this cheese to create the blue colour and flavour. A porous curd kept in the hoop at room temperature for 5 days allows the blue to slowly creep all the way through the curd and means no piercing is required. It also means the outer rind is surrounded by blue mould and some other brevi linens bacteria (the pink and grey colours). This creates the flavour. The curd is also lightly salted at hooping and I only use Australian Olssen salt with wonderful minerals that spreads more flavour through the cheese. I usually start selling Bluey at 5 weeks when it is mild then as it ages the flavour develops. Cheeses  Loves You  usually only make 300 litres of Bluey at a time so they become too strong.

Lola the Cambozola approx 125-135g
Lola is a bit of a fun cheese for Debra to make, extra cream has been added to
the already creamy Jersey milk and as the curd is hooped a layer of blue mould
is added to increase the blue hints within the cheese. Really addictive!
Customers have been known to beg for this cheese!

Velvet Chausette approx 125g
Only a month old this interesting cheese is washed with bacterial cultures
which creates the speckled, dusty surface. It has a musty odour (hence the
name, chausette is French for sock) but a delightful buttery flavour that is
surprisingly mild. The beautiful golden colour of the cheese is due to the full
cream Jersey milk and the cheese maker does not press this cheese (as in a
traditional Reblochon) but turns the curd in the hoops every 30 minutes for a
total of 2 hours. This creates the small air bubbles and a softer textured


Little Aud approx 65-85g
This cheese is named after the cheese makers petit youngest daughter,
Audrey. Traditionally a goats style of cheese this small white mould covered
curd is made with Jersey milk from the farm and described as an aged cream
cheese with a slight dusting of ash to enhance the smoky flavour. Little Aud is
hand crafted and is quite mild when young but as it ages it dries a little and a
stronger flavour develops.