Curds from the Sourdough Crumpet

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Curd: 3 curds

Our Organic Sourdough Crumpets are available for delivery once s month and ON SPECIAL occasions like SCHOOL HOLIDAYS, Christmas, Easter and Mother's Day.

We have passionfruit curd, lemon myrtle curd, and raspberry and pomegranite curd with a twist of lime available. ( Raspberry is now out of stock - so three packs are unavailable at this time)

Order a selection of 3 curds for $30 or individually for $10.90.

Alternatively you can order curd with your crumpets - and get a great deal!

There are so many ways to use curd - spread it straight on your crumpets or our organic buckwheat pancakes,or your own home baking.

Mixing passionfruit curd with natural yoghurt and serving with fresh passionfruit  makes  great gourmet breakfast with a difference.

The lemon myrtle curd mixed with yoghurt makes a beautiful lemon cream and the raspberry and pommegranite also blends well with yoghurt, creme fraiche or ricotta.

On of the best  simple delicious desserts can be made by mixing  your favourite flavoured curd with Ricotta making an instant creamy cheesecake filling.