Artisan Feta - 3 Varieties - Cheeses Loves You

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Title: Thyme
Size: 200g

Local delivery of Artisan Feta made in Burringbar, NSW

If you are ordering any of our dairy we will pack your order in a cool bag or box with ice bricks, please return this packaging by leaving it out for collection when we deliver next.

Persian Feta (Fetish)
Cows milk makes a beautiful soft and spreadable feta, the jersey milk adds a higher fat content and that makes it super delicious! The Feta comes in 3 different formats:
Thyme – dried Australian Thyme and pure olive oil infuses the herb and gives a subtle flavour.
Chilli – dried chilli flakes and pure olive oil are enough to give the feta a little hot kick but not over powering.
Salty – the salty feta is perfect to add to a salad, frittata or spread it on a cracker with some avocado and cracked pepper