Haloumi - Cheeses Loves You

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Size: 800g

If you are ordering any of our dairy we will pack your order in a cool bag or box with ice bricks, please return this packaging by leaving it out for collection when we deliver next.

Haloumi (Mr Squeaky) available in 300g and 800g

There is nothing nicer than handmade haloumi! Cheese maker, Debra Allard only makes  small batches fresh every week and the curd is gently pressed before it is placed back in the hot whey to cook. This gives the haloumi the squeak.

The haloumi is packed into zip locked bags and cold salt brine is added. The salt is the only way to preserve the haloumi and if you find the haloumi is too salty then take the piece of cheese that you intend to use out of the bag and wash the curd with hot water. The hotter the water the more salt removed. Always keep the remaining curd in the zip lock bag as this will keep the haloumi preserved until the best before date.