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Organic eggs taste is like no other and if  there is one thing you should pay a little extra for, this is a good investment. The whites are whiter and yokes are richer. They are a powerhouse packed full of nutrients and protein. Although organic eggs are pricey, when you consider their nutritional and health values, they are still  one of the best and economical sources of protein.

It is has been said that eggs from the free range organic hens contain:

  • less cholesterol
  • less saturated fat
  • more vitamin A
  • more omega-3 fatty acids
  • more vitamin E
  • more beta carotene

You’d have to eat 2 factory farmed eggs to get an equivalent amount of brain-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. You’d have to eat 3 to equal as much vitamin E. Not to mention the Vitamin A… and as for beta carotene—A whopping 7 egg omelet is what you’d have to eat to reach the level of beta carotene in one happy egg. (