Hard Cheeses - Cheeses Loves You 100g

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Type: Ophir Glenn (Mature Cheddar)

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Vacuum Packed Hard Cheese



Pepper Romano

The Peppery is a Romano style cheese so a little piquant in flavour with an Australian Cracked Pepper added towards the end of the cheese making. The Pepper is boiled before adding to the curd and the peppery water spreads

This is a semi hard cheese and is ready to eat 6 weeks after being made.  The rind is scrubbed with a salt brine to develop the salty flavour and enhance the red/orange colour. The taste has a salty burnt butter with a soft paste.

Jarlsberg was very popular in the 70’s and it is great to bring it into the 21 st century. Another semi hard cheese that has a beautiful yeasty nutty flavour. It looks like butter with the golden Jersey milk used from the Allard's farm and the holes appear with the use of propionic bacteria that expands any spaces in the cheese with carbon dioxide.

This is unlike any commercial Jarlsberg you have tasted as, with all the Cheeses Loves You cheeses,no preservatives are used to extend the use by date.