*8. Organic Veggies Roasting Pack for two

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Up for a roast this week? 

      Simple, seasonal & affordable ~ our organic roast vegetable pack celebrates  a medley of organic seasonal veggies ready to roast. Enough organic goodness to the two of you up with a delicious roast meal.

      Checkout our method for cooking the best roast veggie tray and other recipes you can use your leftover roast veggies in.

      ✨ Golden roast vegetable soup
      ✨ Roast veggie frittata
      ✨ Roast veggie pizza
      ✨ Breakfast tacos


        What's in the Box

        Each week we have a variety of seasonal spray-free & organic fruit and veggies in our veggie boxes. WHAT'S IN THE BOX is updated each Saturday morning.

        Denotes: * Australian Certified Organic :^spray free, grown organically



        CELERY BOX

        • 1kg potatoes*
        • 750g sweet potatoes*
        • 750g pumpkin*
        • 500g carrots*
        • 500g beetroot*
        • 500g onions*
        • Rosemary*

        TIP* Add some Fennel to make these roast veggies super gourmet . Roast the bulb and sprinkle the fennel's green herb on the veggies 30 minutes before you've completed roasting.

        Everything in the small box +

        • 7 to 8 bunches of organic celery