Organic Roast Vegetable Tray Bake

Organic Roast Vegetable Tray Bake

Simple, seasonal & affordable ~ our roast vegetable box celebrates the bounty of winter produce with a medley of potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, beetroot, parsnips, onions & turnip. 

Yielding enough roast vegetable goodness to set you & the fam up for multiple hearty, nourishing meals for the week ahead. 
More of a method than a recipe, this organic roast vegetable tray bake is the perfect accompaniment to a traditional Sunday roast before transforming into the base of another dish (or dishes!) during the week, read below for inspiration ! 


- 1 organic roast vegetable box, veggies either scrubbed or peeled & cut into even~ish pieces
- Tweed Real Food Garlic & Rosemary rub, for sprinkling.
- Organic extra virgin olive oil.



  • Preheat your oven to approx 190 degrees.
  • Lightly oil your largest roasting dish (or two regular sized baking trays) & scatter the chopped vegetables until they’re in an even~ish layer. Avoid overcrowding the dish to ensure that the veggies get all roasted & delicious. Douse liberally with extra virgin olive oil & sprinkle generously with the garlic & rosemary rub. Using your hands, massage the oil & rub over the veggies, making sure they’re all coated. 
  • Bake in the oven for approximately an hour, or until golden. 
  • Season with a little sprinkle of salt & serve warm with your favourite roast & some crisp greens. 


Golden roast vegetable soup:

~ Sautee some onion or leek over medium heat until translucent, add leftovers from your roast veggie tray bake, pour over some stock (chicken or vegetable) & bring to a simmer. Blitz with an immersion blender or mash with a potato masher (for a more rustic soup) season to taste & serve with a generous dollop of natural yoghurt or sour cream & a piece of sourdough. 


Roast veggie fritatta:

~ Whisk 6-8 free range eggs, a handful of finely grated cheese & a dash of milk or cream. Add your leftover roast veggies, a big handful of spinach or two, any herbs you have, salt & pepper. Pour into a greased oven proof dish. Sprinkle with optional fetta or goats cheese & some halved cherry tomatoes before baking until eggs are set & top is golden. 

Roast veggie pizza:

~ Top pizza bases with some passata, your leftover roast veggies, fetta & baby spinach before sprinkling generously with mozzarella for the perfect midweek dinner (or lunchbox filler !) 

Breakfast tacos:

~ Fill a corn tortilla with some reheated roast veggies, a fried egg, avocado,  sprinkle of coriander & a dash of hot sauce for a delicious & nutritious breakfast.

Image & Recipe from Jessica Bull @jessicaelisebull