Set up your regular organic veggie box order

How to re-set up your regular order of your Farmer Foster's Organic Veggie Box


In order to make life easier for both yourself and us please set up your regular order via our online portal for your Organic Veggie Box and other products.

As you know a recurring /permanent order with us guarantees you don't miss out on a veggie box each week.

Our new portal will give you the flexibility to cancel your order, pause your order or add to your order at anytime, 24/7.

What to do

It's simple - firstly cancel your existing payment to us ( important as we have a new bank account)

1. From the below products choose the Veggie Box or Product you want
2. Select Permanent Order
3. Choose if you would like a weekly or fortnightly order
4. Add to Your Cart
5. Checkout
6. Enjoy our delicious farm grown veggies and produce from other Organic Australian Producers

After you checkout your credit /debit card details are encrypted and stored securely in an online vault - we only ever see the last 4 digits, however the encrypted security allows for orders that are made via your account to be paid by your card. All order orders will be emailed to you prior to any money being debited from your account. Again if you want to pause or cancel your order you can do so by simply logging into your account.

We would also like to offer all of our permanent customers a VIP discount off other selected items each week. Starting with 15% off all of The Farmers' Stores Organic Rices & Organic Pastas and Organic Olive Oils.

No time to wait - follow the process above this week and get your 15% off this week.


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