*5. Organic Fruit Pack (SMALL) - Variety of Certified Organic Seasonal Fruit

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If you find you are running short of organic fruit each week The Farmers' Store Organic Fruit Pack is the perfect add-on to your seasonal organic fruit & veggie box. Pump up your fruit bowl each week with this delicious combo of seasonal organically grown fruit.

Order your Organic Fruit Pack for this week or subscribe to a weekly or fortnightly delivery. If you choose  to set up a regular order, you will be charged for your first order now and receive an email regarding payment details for your weekly/fortnightly order.

Something in the organic fruit pack you don't eat - no problems! Let us know in the comments section at checkout and we will exchange it with another item.

Please note the contents change with the season and the fruit pack may vary from what we pictured in the image.

NEED MORE FRUIT THAN THIS - try our Organic Seasonal Fruit Box 

* certified organic

* grown organically /spray free

Fruit Boxes

Each week we have a variety of seasonal spray-free & organic
fruit in our fruit boxes. WHAT'S IN THE BOX is updated each Saturday morning.

Denotes: * Australian Certified Organic :^spray free, grown organically






Regular Juicing

  • 1 bunch Organic Celery
  • 1.5kg Organic Carrots
  • 1.5kg Organic Oranges
  • 500g Organic Apples
  • 500g Organic Cucumber
  • 500g Organic Beetroot
  • Bunch Organic Kale
  • Knob of ginger or turmeric

Large Juicing

  • 1 bunch Organic Celery
  • 2 kg Organic Carrots
  • 3 kg Organic Oranges
  • 1kg Organic Apples
  • 1kg Organic Cucumbers
  • 1kg Organic Beetroot
  • Bunch Organic Kale
  • Knob of ginger or turmeric
  • 500g Red Apples* 
  • 500g Green Apples*
  • 250g Pears^
  • 500g Mandarins^
  • 500g Oranges*
  • 750g Bananas^
  • 1kg Watermelon*
  • 300g Kiwifruit*

  • 1kg Red Apples*
  • 1kg Green Apples*
  • 750g Pears*
  • 1kg Oranges*
  • 750g Mandarins^
  • 500g Lemons*
  • 250g Limes*
  • 1 kg Bananas^
  • 300g Kiwifruit*
  • 1kg Watermelon*