Farmer Foster's  Seasonal Organic Veggie Box  

What's in our Seasonal Organic and Spray Free Veggie Box Week -

We are now taking orders for week commencing 21 June.


CLICK HERE - for order cutoffs & delivery details 

Small Organic Box 

    • 750g Potatoes *
    • 750g Sweet Potato *
    • 750g Pumpkin *
    • 500g Carrots *
    • 500g Local AVOCADOS ^ ( yesss!)
    • 400g Zucchini’s ^
    • 400g Cucumbers^
    • 400g Capsicum ^
    • 300g Roma Tomatoes^
    • 250g Snowpeas^ ( NEW THIS WEEK)
    • Bunch of Shallots^
    • Bunch of Kale ^
    • Lettuce ^
    • 750g Navel Oranges *
    • 500g Apples *
    • 1 kg Bananas ^

Medium Organic Veggie Box  - all of the above plus....

    • Upgrade to 750 grams Avos ^
    • Bunch of Radishes ^
    • Head of Broccoli *
    • 500g Packham Pears* ( best seasonal pears)

BEST VALUE THIS WEEK !! - Large Organic Veggie Box - all of the above plus....

    • Upgrade to 1 kg Avo's
    • Pak Choy ^
    • Cauliflower^
    • Energetic Greens Sunflower Sprouts *
    • Extra Potatoes* (or extra item of you choice from the small box)

Denotes: * Australian Certified Organic : ^ spray free, grown organically

Add anything you'd like to swap in the comments section in the Shopping CART. Please limit your swaps to 2-3 items.

Extra swaps available this week -  items listed in the small box, and the following organic produce, green beans, avocados,  limited celery pieces, onions, beetroot, kiwi fruit, mandarins - subject to availability

Last minute changes may be made due to supply – we go for the freshest and the best!

There is always a selection of seasonal, organically grown fruit and veggies in Farmer Foster's Veggie Boxes. The contents change depending on what's in season and price fluctuations so we can keep the box brimming with goodness.

First in best fed 🙂



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