Mexican Fiesta Collection

A collection of ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS that will  help whip your veggie box into a mouth watering MEXICAN FIESTA. 💃


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Organic Corn Tortillas (Chilled)- Dona Cholita Fresh Organic Tortillas 12 packOrganic Corn Tortillas (Chilled)- Dona Cholita Fresh Organic Tortillas 12 pack
Organic Corn Chips - Dona Cholita Fresh Organic Totopos
Chipotle Mayonaise 435g - Naked Byron
Fiesta Mexicana Seasoning - Tweed Real FoodFiesta Mexicana Seasoning - Tweed Real Food
Lime Pepper & Salt - Tweed Real Food
CERES ORGANICS Ceres Organic Black Beans  (can)  400g
CERES ORGANICS Ceres Organic Red Kidney Beans (can)  400g
Organic Cumin Powder 75g - Lovin Body
Gevity Rx - Sriracha Mayo Bone Broth Sauce 375ml
Crème Fraiche 250 grams - made at the dairy
Nutty Bay - Cheesy Cashew Cheese 270g
SOL GHEE Sol Ghee Organic   275g Glass Jar
SOL GHEE Sol Ghee Organic  685g Glass jar
Sol Ghee - Grass Fed 275g
SOL GHEE Sol Ghee Grass Fed  450g Glass jar
Dill Organic Cashew Cheese 280g - Peace Love & Vegetables
Not Available
Chillies - Red & Green 100g  - Certified Organic Chillies
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