Veggie Loaded Burgers


These burgers are ideal for a Friday night feast with family and friends and a perfect way to use your seasonal salad bits from your Veggie Box. They're incredibly delicious on Bread Social's Paninis, which have the perfect crust for a burger—crispy yet not too thick, with a super soft and substantial interior. Enjoy a perfect balance of texture and flavor!

This burger recipe makes enough to feed a crowd, or you can freeze half of the uncooked burger patties for an easy midweek dinner ! 



1. Place all the burger patty ingredients in a large bowl. Remove your rings (you’ll thank us later!)  & then get your hands in the mix to thoroughly combine all ingredients. 
2. Once the ingredients have been mixed together, divide mixture into even ish balls & form into burger patties. 
3. Heat your bbq / grill / fry pan to medium heat & cook gently until browned on both sides & cooked through. 
3. Pile on a platter with accompaniments & a basket of bread rolls for a casual feast 

Quick pickled onions:

Organic red onions, peeled, halved & sliced thinly. Douse in organic apple cider vinegar & a big pinch of salt. Mix until onions are coated & set aside. They will be ready to use after approximately 15 minutes although they will keep in the fridge for up to a week & the pickley flavour intensifies if made in advance 

Farmers Burger sauce: 

Mix a couple of big blobs of the best mayo you can find with a generous dash of Church Farm Bloody Hot Sauce ~ voila ! 

Recipe & Image by Jessica Bull