Tatsoi Asian Greens - Organically Grown Asian Greens

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Organically grown Asian Greens are in season and harvested straight from Farmer Foster's Veggie Patch that day you get your delivery. You won't get fresher than this!

Tatsoi is versatile green with a mild, subtly tangy flavor and can be enjoyed raw or lightly cooked . Young leaves are great for mixed salads and are an excellent accompaniment to other greens such as spinach. Tatsoi can also be layered into sandwiches, torn and used as a topping over pizza and tacos, or blended into pesto as a unique variation.

The crisp greens can be incorporated as a substitute in recipes for bok choy, and when young, the tender leaves can be used in place of spinach. Tatsoi is also frequently utilized in lightly cooked preparations, including stir-frying, sautéing, steaming, and braising. The leaves and stems can be chopped and baked into quiche, stir-fried with other vegetables as a side dish, sauteed as a bed of greens for fish, wilted with warm sauces or dressings for a softer consistency, or mixed into soups just before serving.


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