NEW Kulutured Hibiscus Iced Tea 750ml - North Wall Brewing Co.

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North Wall Kombucha 750ml

NEW Kulutured Hibiscus Iced Tea (K for kombucha)

This cultured iced tea is lightly fermented giving it the probiotic health benefits similar to the Kombucha range. It has a much lower sugar content than traditional iced teas. The flavour profile is sweet and floral with a classic iced tea taste.

We are stoked to be ranging the Kulutured Hibiscus Iced Tea as there are no other local  cultured iced teas around and it is much better for you than the classic iced teas.

The mild sweetness comes from a small amount of natural, raw, organic cane sugar left behind as part of the fermenting process and the beautiful tea flavour comes from a blend of the highest quality organic dry hibiscus flower green and black tea this deliciously refreshing and healthy take on an iced tea is sure to be an absolute hit.

It is made with the highest quality ingredients and an all natural approach by only using the best and most real ingredients, no nasties whatsoever! No preservatives, no artificial flavourings and no artificial sweeteners.

Made by the guys at North Wall Brewing Co. in our very own Mullumbimby!

Delivered with an ice pack in your insulated veggie box!