Salty n’ Nutty Caramel Truffles - Holy Truff Twin Pack

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Meet Holy Truff Pair Packs - a pair (2) of breath-taking, mouth-watering, heaven-sent chocolate truffles.

Salty n’ Nutty Caramel Truffles  - choc-coated, whole-roasted macadamia in a layer of pecan butter caramel, coated in a layer of salted caramel and Peruvian dark chocolate.

Made from organic, plant-based and whole ingredients, these chocolate balls of decadence are for when you want something just a little bit fancy.

Bite through premium Peruvian dark chocolate and dive into gooey, heavenly ganache.

Choose from Berry Spiked Double Choc, Salty ‘n Nutty Caramel and Hazelnut Choc – or get all three and indulge in them all. A real Holy Truff moment.

Free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar.
Full of ganache, Peruvian dark chocolate and
complete & utter euphoria.