Pyewacket's Traditional Emerald City Shrub

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All you get is green power with this shrub - Celery, green apples, fresh homegrown mint, and chlorophyll. The ultimate rehydration after a hot day or work out.

An excellent source of vitamins, probiotics, support your digestion and are naturally low in sugar.

These shrubs are made the traditional way, preserving their nutritional and probiotic quality, keeping them raw and unpasteurised.  The ingredients are sourced directly from local Australian farmers, organic or spray free.

Slow-fermented and cold pressed by hand, they are unpasteurised and contain the vinegar mother.

Interesting bits:

- Handmade in Ballina, NSW

- 3.7g sugar, 0g fat, 64kj per 100ml*

using organic, homegrown or ethically foraged herbs, roots and fruits

contain no flavourings, colours or sugar. Just Plants.

- Raw

 * Once prepared using 35mls of shrub to  200ml of sparkling water

Ingredients:  Cold pressed green apples and celery, raw organic apple cider vinegar, raw sugar, homegrown fresh mint, Chlorophyll (from Alfalfa)


Sugar is used in the fermentation process to feed the mother culture.  No extra sugar is added.

Made in Lismore, NSW