Potatoes DUTCH CREAM 750g - Certified Organic Potatoes 750g

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Need extra organic potatoes? Now you can add extra to your order!

We pop all purpose potatoes into our organic veggie boxes, including Sebago. Dutch Cream large varieties and chats.  Straight from good clean soil, organic potatoes taste amazing served with butter and parsley or shallots and a hint of salt and pepper.

We love them slightly steamed, smashed, smothered in a good olive oil and juice of a lemon with a dusting or fine ground salt or our favourite Tweed Valley rub.

Dutch cream potatoes, are a creamy and buttery variety of potato that originated in the Netherlands. They have a yellow skin and a pale yellow flesh that is waxy and firm when cooked. They are often used for roasting, boiling, and in salads, and are known for their rich flavoUr and creamy texture.