- Plum Queen Garnet ( the Superfood Plum )- Certified Organic Plums 400g

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Queen Garnet Plums are firm, juicy & sweet. These delicious dark purple, organic Queen Garnet Plums are full of amazing antioxidants and of course no chemicals or sprays.

This variety of plum originated in Queensland and is known as the superfood plum! They stay on the tree for longer and during that time they develop higher levels antioxidants. In fact they say one Queen Garnet plum can provide all the antioxidants you need in a day. 

Plums are one of those awesome snacks from mother nature that are hard to stop eating. Kids love the sugar plums because they are a smaller, sweeter plum  & we love them because they are the best energy pick-me ups for on the go!

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