Tomatoes Gourmet Approx 400g - Certified Organic Tomatoes

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Indulge in the exquisite taste of these organic gourmet tomatoes, capturing the true essence of how tomatoes should truly taste.

Every week, we carefully select the freshest variety of organic tomatoes to include in your organic veggie box, ensuring you have the best food on your plate each week.

The varieties we have may include 

Round Tomatoes - your normal  every day salad tomato, with a balanced flavour and juicy texture.

Roma  Tomatoes Oblong in shape and often firmer with lower moisture content making the tomatoes ideal for cooking, and on lunch box sandwiches if you don't want them to go soggy!

Gourmet Brown Amati Tomatoes - red to brown in colour, known for sweet, intense flavour, often used in fancy dishes.

Heirloom Tomatoes - old fashion tomato flavour, often larger in size and when ripe can be  a little softer. A favourite with chefs and  foodies . And quite rare to find organic heirloom tomatoes. They are prized for unique, old-fashioned flavours, preserved through generations.

If you prefer a certain type of tomato let us know in you order notes.