No No Non-Alc Sparkling Barossa Wine Cartel 750ml

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This non-alc Sparkling White is made out of 50 year old Semillon from Vine Vale in the heart of the Barossa Valley and 50 year old, dry grown Riesling from Greenock.

The grapes are pressed and the juice  chilled, settled and filtered. At this stage it is known as Verjus (early picked grape juice). Adelaide Hills Spring Water is added to help balance the sugar level in the verjus, Murray river salt to help build mid palate weight and bridge the gap between the sugar and acid in the verjus and Chamomile to give some tannin.

Smells like grapes funnily enough! You get a whiff of the chamomile and then some green apple, kiwi fruit and pear characters. On the palate there is some natural sweetness from the verjus, but some great natural acidity also. Definite green apple vibes and that bubble in the glass is a lot of fun. Definitely a celebration drink!

INGREDIENTS- Barossa Valley Semillon, Barossa Valley Riesling, Adelaide Hills Spring Water, Murray River Salt and Chamomile.

REGION- Barossa Valley

SUBREGIONS- Vine Vale and Greenock

ALC/VOL- less than 0.5%