DUO Pack - Regular and Midnight Dark Chocolate Crumpets - six pack (3 of each)

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Limited Edition the DUO PACK!

Regular and Midnight Crumpet 6 pack. Contains 3 of each of the regular organic sourdough crumpets and 3 of the midnight crumpets.

The midnight crumpets are made with rich black cocoa & the highest quality callebaut chocolate. Activated charcoal has been added to give them the striking colour of midnight.

The organic sourdough crumpets began from a few humble ingredients and when treated with patience and love they evolve into something truly special.

These crumpets pair beautifully with our Macadamia Honeycomb Butter or fresh fruit & creme fraiche with a sprinkling of grated chocolate or cinnamon.

If you'd prefer our traditional Sourdough Crumpets click here.

Made from:

Combo of Organic Spelt, Wholemeal Flour & Bakers Flour

Organic Bi-carb

Organic Pink Salt

Organic Milk ( Vegan filtered water)

Organic Ghee ( Vegan Coconut Oil)

Organic Raw Sugar

Organic Cocoa

Callebaut Chocolate

Activated Charcoal