Mischief Brew Vintage Rd Tonic #2 - 4 x 250ml

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New Look Mischief Brew Vintage Rd Tonic 4 x 250ml

Small Batch, all natural, hand crafted soda from the team at Mischief Brew in Adelaide, SA.

Way less sugar than your standard soda, nothing artificial and bloody delicious.

Tonic No.2 is the softer-spoken cousin to our No.1. With a light and delicate balance of citrus, lemon myrtle & aromatic rosemary, Tonic No.2 whispers gentle tales of deliciousness to your tastebuds.

Fresh and zippy citrus aromas grab your attention and draw you in for a sip.

Proudly handmade in SA from 100% all natural ingredients.

4 cans per pack


Carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, all natural flavours, lemon myrtle, lemon, rosemary, bitter orange.  Contains Quinine

Energy: 129kj per 100ml

Sugar: 7g per 100ml