Limited Edition Pyewacket's Traditional Magnolia and Pear Shrub

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An extremely rare shrub made with  whole crispy green pears to create a subtly sweet almost creamy foundation to lay magnolia on. 

So what does magnolia taste like? We imagine that she would taste like she smells. Not so! The smell of magnolia doesn’t translate when eating or infusing the petals. Magnolia is sometimes used as a substitute for ginger. After an initial sweet almost mushroom earthiness (we mean this in the best way possible), the warmth and slight spice builds on the palette. She’s gentle but strong. She doesn’t shout at you but speaks in a firm voice when telling you what she knows to be true.

Our usual shrub ratio of 35 ml to 200 ml sparkling water will make the most delightful sweet, fragrant and slightly spicy shrub soda. We also like this one a little stronger to get the full magic of its flower power. 


Wild harvested magnificent magnolia flowers of multiple varieties picked on an exquisite spring day by Genna, fresh cold pressed crispy green pears, raw organic apple cider vinegar, local raw sugar, just enough organic galangal and organic ginger to support magnolia's natural spiciness. 

Ginger for its heat and galangal for its fragrance.

And that's it. No additives, preservatives. Nada. 

Wild and True.

An excellent source of vitamins, probiotics, support your digestion and are naturally low in sugar.

These shrubs are made the traditional way, preserving their nutritional and probiotic quality, keeping them raw and unpasteurised.  The ingredients are sourced directly from local Australian farmers, organic or spray free.

Slow-fermented and cold pressed by hand, they are unpasteurised and contain the vinegar mother.

Interesting bits:

- Made in Lismore, NSW

- Handcrafted

using organic, homegrown or ethically foraged herbs, roots and fruits
- traditionally fermented
- fresh cold pressed fruit

contain no flavourings, colours or sugar. Just Plants.

- Raw and unpasteurised

Use 35ml of Shrub to 200ml of sparkling water