Hot Jamaica, Scotch Bonnet + Lime Hot Sauce - Crack Fox

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Organic + Spray Free

H A N D C R A F T E D  H O T  S A U C E

Crack Fox's hot Jamaica is full throttle fruity flavour and calypso tropical vibe! nspired by Caribbean-style hot sauce, and with the authentic chillies to boot.

A blend of Trinidad scotch bonnets and yellow hot Jamaica chillies grown in the Crack Fox permie plot, fresh waves of Tahitian lime, Caribbean coriander (we acquired these legit real-deal seeds from our friend’s hubby who is from Trinidad!) and a kiss of pineapple.

HEAT ~ hot

Preserved with citrus, Murray River salt + apple cider vinegar. Thickened with cooking time and natural pectins only.

Local certified organic where possible. Spray free everywhere else.
Yep, that’s every last ingredient.

We sweeten with help from the bees, not sugar from factories.