Fresh Spaghetti - Egg 360g - LOCAL HANDMADE PASTA

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Egg Spaghetti from Woodland Valley Farm's Pasta'bah, in Murwillumbah where they take great pride in crafting exceptional pasta using the finest ingredients and traditional techniques.

Small batch, handcrafted Artisan Pasta, infused with the rich flavours of their own Pasture Raised Eggs, locally sourced exquisite ingredients. Situated in our very own Tweed Valley, Woodland Valley Farm is a regenerative farm.

Their commitment to quality begins with the use of Pasture Raised Eggs, raised on their farm. These eggs contribute to the exceptional taste and texture of the pasta.

To ensure a truly authentic experience, they combine the Pasture Raised Eggs with Australian Semolina and Italian 00 flour, two renowned ingredients known for their superior quality. The semolina adds a delightful nutty flavor and a robust bite, while the Italian 00 flour brings a silky smoothness to the pasta. The careful selection and blending of these ingredients create a harmonious balance that sets our pasta apart.

Their commitment to tradition extends to their production methods, they employ the time-honored technique of extrusion using brass dies, which results in pasta with a distinctive rough surface texture. This roughness helps the pasta hold sauce more effectively, ensuring each bite is packed with flavour and creating a truly memorable dining experience. 

Ingredients: Australian Durum Wheat Semolina, ‘00’ Wheat Flour, Whole Egg, Salt.