Tasmanian Hemp Hearts - Hemp Seed 250g

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Hemp Harvest is an Australian finest quality Tasmanian grown hemp foods.

They work closely with farmers who see hemp as an opportunity to grow a highly nutritious food source, without using the chemicals required for other crops. Through innovative processing techniques, they turn these amazing seeds into a range of food products.

Hemp seeds are a rich source of highly digestible protein, omegas 3&6 – in the ideal ratio for the human diet (3:1), and are teeming with rare vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc. They also contain anti-inflammatory GLA, insoluble fibre, and a rare plant based source of vitamin B3. And their hypoallergenic nature means they can be included into any diet.

Hemp seeds are the ideal alternative. They’re comprise of over 33% of highly digestible protein, can be grown sustainably without the need for chemical inputs, remove more carbon from the atmosphere than an established forest, and their subtle nutty flavour means they can be easily included into any diet.

These highly nutritious hulled hemp seeds are produced by removing the tough outer shell from the soft, delectable inner kernel by using a heat free, mechanical process. This ensures the important essential fatty acids and valuable nutrients are not affected.