Mayde Tea Energise - 15 serves

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A rejuvenating organic caffeine-free blend, high in antioxidants and minerals that improve circulation and vitality. 

Sweet papaya and zesty, spicy herbs combine in an invigorating brew that gives you a nourishing energy boost. 

Therapeutic benefit and ingredients: 

Lemongrass - improves circulation to increase energy. High in antioxidants 

Papaya pieces - excellent source of folate and vitamins C, A and E. It also contains calcium, iron, riboflavin, thiamin and niacin 

Ginger - a stimulating tonic for the digestive system. It has been found to reduce cramping, gas and nausea. Ginger increases peripheral circulation which increase blood flow, helps to detoxify the body from toxins 

Cinnamon - has been found to balance blood sugar levels and warm the digestive tract to improve digestion. The volatile oils in cinnamon are antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral. 

Serves: Approx. 15 serves loose leaf tea per jar. 

1 teaspoon/250ml cup of water 

Naturally caffeine free.

Lemongrass / papaya pieces / ginger / cinnamon