Ecyo Bathroom Cleaning Pods (for Spray Bottles)

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Love a clean bathroom but hate waste?

Ecyo natural cleaning products for bathrooms save on waste and reduce your carbon footprint

This small pack of ecyo cleaning pods will make 3 bathroom cleaning sprays up to 750ml in size.

The pods fully dissolve in water, leaving no residue. Because of their super concentration, when the pods dissolve in water, they naturally cut through soap scum and grime.

And they contain no harsh chemicals meaning that you are helping to save the planet and lower your carbon footprint when you choose to purchase our cleaning products.

Ecyo pods have been formulated to include environmentally-friendly ingredients that also give them a lovely fresh scent. Ecyo bathroom cleaning pods have a pleasant ocean breeze perfume.

You have water available in your home, so why ship it around the world?

When you decide to purchase or super-concentrated pods, you’re already contributing to improving your carbon footprint - no need to ship that primary ingredient to your door anymore!