- Bagged Organic Medjool Dates - Fresh Organic Medjool Dates 500g

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500g boxes of exquisite Organic Medjoul Dates provide a delightful choice for a nutritious snack or a thoughtful present for those who enjoy the sweeter side of life without the undesirable additives commonly found in processed sugar.

Dates are one of the best fast foods on our planet. They are great to have on hand when the sweet cravings hit, perfect for lunch boxes, in raw food recipes, baking and work well in both sweet and savoury dishes.

We love them in smoothies or made into sweet treats such as bliss balls or dipped in chocolate - ooh yeah!

TREAT ALERT: Stuff the dates with a little peanut butter before dipping them into dark chocolate, popping them into the fridge and enjoying when you want a sweet treat!