Swedes 500g- Certified Organic Swedes

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Organic Swedes are great mashed with butter, salt and pepper and a dash of honey and served as a side! Yummo!

Traditionally swedes are used in stocks and soups or roasted. Did you know that Swedes are actually a cross between a turnip and cabbage.

Cooked swede is a great alternative to potatoes, so try swapping it in recipes that call for potato. They can be roasted, boiled, steamed, stir-fried, mashed, diced and added to soups and stews. Add swede to your mashed sweet potato or cauliflower and you will  get a load more nutrients ( swede will take longer to cook, so add it first ). They are useful as a filler in casseroles to not only stretch a meal but to add lots of flavour.

Trim and peel. Raw swede can be grated and added to a salad like coleslaw.

Have you ever tried  honey swedes they are similar to honey carrots. Fry diced swede in ghee or organic butter, with a little honey (or maple syrup), ground pepper and top with herbs. Add a little bit of ginger and turmeric if you want to go spicy.

Swede has a wide range of health benefits due to it's excellent source of vitamins and nutrients. This healthy vegetable is particularly high in vitamins C, E, K and B6, as well as being a good source of manganese, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, carotene and fibre. Just a 100g of swede has 41% of our recommended daily intake of Vitamin C, perfect for winter. It's excellent for people wanting to reduce their calories, as boiled swede has only 11 calories per 100 gms (100g raw has 3.7g net carbs).

You Will Be Surprised At The Health Benefits From Eating Swede:

- Helps Prevent and Fight Cancer: Swede contains the sulfur-containing antioxidant, glucosinolate, which has shown to reduce the growth of cancerous tumors. It contains carotene and vitamin C that fights free radicals and promotes healthy cells.

- Helps with Diabetes and Weight Loss: Swede plays the role of white potatoes but they don't have many carbohydrates that break down into simple sugars, therefore they are an excellent vegetable to assist people who are Insulin Resistant or have Diabetes. High fibre vegetables like swede are also beneficial for metabolism and for filling you up, while being low in calories.

- Helps Improve Digestive Health: The fibre in swede feeds the good bacterial in your gut and also helps with constipation.

- Helps Improve the Immune System: The vitamin C in swede can stimulate the immune system to produce white blood cells.

- Helps with Preventing Premature Aging: Swede are effective in fighting free radicals. This helps prevent premature aging, improves eye sight and helps with stimulating the regeneration of cells in your organs and tissues. The vitamin C is a necessary element in the production of collagen, for healing skin, tissue, muscles and blood vessels.

- Helps Build Strong Bones: Swede has a wealth of important minerals, including zinc, calcium magnesium, manganese and phosphorous, all of which are key for maintaining healthy bones and tissues. Keeping your bones healthy will prevent osteoporosis.

- Helps Blood pressure and Cardiovascular Health: The potassium in swede can help lower blood pressure by reducing stress. It's fibre content also helps to reduce cholesterol levels.

SOURCE : Susan's Joyful Table Blog