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As a fermented superfood, Black Garlic is a powerhouse of antioxidants.

Through the fermentation process, the pungency of fresh garlic diminishes, giving way to a boosted flavor profile and enhanced natural health benefits. The result is an umami-rich addition to various dishes.

How to Use Black Garlic: Versatile and delightful, Black Garlic can be smeared onto crostini, blended into soups and sauces, mixed into pastas and salads, or added to pizzas, smashed avocado, lamb, chicken, fish, and more. Its taste is delicate and subtle, featuring a soft, sticky texture with notes of aged balsamic, caramel, tamarind, and molasses.

Health Benefits: Black Garlic offers numerous health benefits, including supporting heart health, controlling inflammation, managing blood sugar levels, and boosting the immune system. Elevate your culinary experiences and well-being with the unique and wholesome qualities of Black Garlic.