Bread Social Sourdough Loaves

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Organic Sourdoughs: White 680g
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The following Bread Social Sourdoughs are now available for delivery from The Farmers' Store made using Organic flour.

Large Sourdough 680g
100% white organic sourdough
Seeded Sourdough 700g
100% white organic sourdough w toasted sunflower, golden linseed & nigella seed
Fruit and Nut Sourdough 670g
100% white organic sourdough w sultanas, currants, dried pear & almond
Wholemeal Boule
50% organic wholemeal flour 50% organic white flour sourdough
Rye and Caraway
30% organic rye flour 10% organic whole meal flour 60% organic white flour made with caraway and linseed

Our commitment to better food for a better future doesn't stop at our organically grown fresh fruit and veggies. We work with other producers like Bread Social to bring you the best food for your bellies that are sustainable and ethical.

The love & care that goes into every hand-crafted loaf of Bread Social's Sourdough compared to a mass produced commercial product is undeniable.

At Bread Social, the process of creating a loaf of sourdough begins 72 hours before it hits the shelves. The sourdough starter created on-site in The Bread Social Bakery in Byron Bay where it is nurtured, fed and stored in a temperature controlled environment before the loaves are hand shaped. Each day, a portion of sourdough starter is kept for the following day’s baking where the daily rituals begin again. The ingredients are organic and as local as possible.