618 Scallop Powder - Powerful Non-Toxic cleaning product

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Scallop Powder is simply made from Scallop shells and is an incredibly versatile NATURAL cleaning product. 618 Scallop Powder is designed to clean ‘only’ the dirt you see and not damage the environment or create health issues in the household like other chemical based cleaning products do.

Used for washing, disinfecting, sterilising and deodorising.

Its anti mold and anti bacterial properties set it apart from any other NATURAL cleaning product and was a godsend during the flood clean-up.

Scallop Powder is unscented and takes away odours, most noticeably from sports shoes, fridges, food containers and more.

We like to use a teaspoon in our washing machine instead of washing powder. If you like a scent in your washing just add a dash of your favourite essential oil.

Made from scallop shells that are sun dried for more than three years, washed cleaned, then heated and baked into a powder. The powder turns into alkaline (PH12) after dissolving in water and has strong cleaning, disinfecting, deodorising and antibacterial effects. Its work is more powerful and safer than baking soda.

It removes agricultural chemical remains on veggies & fruit, chlorine from pipe water, germs & bacteria.

More powerful and safer than baking soda:

  • General household use: 1g (1/4 tsp) per 500ml water in spray bottle
  • Removing pesticides from fresh produce : 1g (1/4tsp) per 1L  5min to soak
  • In your laundry : 3-5g (1Teaspoon) 45L
  • Wash your sports gear & wetsuits: 1tsp for 30L Water to Soak
  • Deodorise your compost : 1g (1/4tsp) sprinkling in kitchen compost

There are many other ways to use this extraordinary powder - check out the full run down on the 618 Scallop Website