Summer Beetroot, Raddish & Bush Pepper Pickle

Summer Beetroot, Raddish & Bush Pepper Pickle

An amazing pickled beetroot recipe made by our friend Simon @your_conscious_kitchen. Made from our beetroots!! 

•750ml x water
•1 Tb x sea salt
•1/2 tsp native pepper (roughly crushed)
•1/2 tsp x pepper corns (roughly crushed)
•1 x fresh bay leaf (torn into a fe pieces)
•1 tsp x fennel seeds
•3/4 tsp x coriander seeds
•1 x cinnamon stick
•Handful x fresh #tarragon or #parsley (roughly chopped)
•500g x radishes (1/4rd)
•500g x baby beetroot (peeled and 1/4rd)
•2 Tb x brown or coconut sugar
•1/2 cup x #applecidervinegar (ACV)

1. Bring all ingredients (except sugar & ACV) to simmer and turn down to steep on very low for 1 hour or until ingredients are soft.
2. Stir in sugar until dissolved and then place pot in bowl of ice or water to cool to room temp.
3. Once cooled, Remove cinnamon and add chopped herbs and ACV.
4. Add veg to 1Lt jar or several smaller jars and pour brine over to cover.
5. Leave to infuse for 1 day on the shelf in a dark place and then 2 weeks in the fridge before using.


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