Northern Rivers Fried Rice


Fried rice makes an easy, budget friendly midweek family meal. Easy adaptable to suit all tastes, dietary requirements & can be made with whatever you’ve got in your box this week ! Substitute any of the veggies with finely sliced pak choy, broccoli florets or fresh shelling peas. Add leftover roast meat or some crispy bacon for an extra layer of flavour, or sub the ghee & eggs with oil & tofu scramble to make it vegan. 

Highly recommend serving with a side of seaweed kraut for an extra dose of gut loving goodness, & a dash of chilli sauce makes it extra delicious for the spice lovers ! 




Place mirin, tamari & sesame oil in a small bowl & whisk to combine. Set aside.
Heat fry pan / wok to medium high heat & add a little blob of ghee. Pour whisked eggs into the pan & allow to cook until just set, folding over gently to form a rustic omelett. Once cooked, remove eggs from the pan & put on a plate. Break up the omelett with a fork & set aside. 

Adjust heat of your fry pan / wok to high, add another little blob of ghee & a splash of oil. Working quickly, add the ginger & garlic, stir frying for a few moments until fragrant. 

Add the grated carrot, zucchini & corn kernels & allow to cook for a few minutes, stirring continuously. 

Sprinkle over the brown sugar & stir until dissolved. Add the cooled rice & stir fry until the pan has come back up to heat. 
Add the sauce that you set aside a spoonful at a time whilst continuing to stir the rice. Once cooked to golden brown & piping hot, add the egg & baby spinach, stirring to distribute amongst the rice. 

Serve topped with coriander & a good dollop of seaweed sauerkraut on the side 🤍


Image & Recipe by Jessica Bull