Cowgirl Caviar


We’re on the cusp of the silly season ~ which means lots of balmy evenings entertaining! Traditionally served as a Tex ~ Mex dip to be scooped up with corn chips, this vibrant dish brings some colour & fun to every feast. It’s also delicious served as a fresh salsa for tacos, as topping for baked potatoes or pairs perfectly with bbq meats (add a blob of Grevity sriracha Mayo for a flavour sensation!) 
Is it a dip, a salad or a side? You decide!






Combine all dressing ingredients in a jar, seal the lid & give a good shake until well combined. 
Arrange all the cowgirl caviar ingredients into a large serving bowl & pour over the dressing. Mix gently ! Leave at room temperature if serving immediately, otherwise you can refrigerate for up to a day (after this the avocado goes a bit brown. It still tastes delicious !) Yee haa !

Image & Recipe by Jesica Bull