Chilli Con Carne-n -Get -It


Kick start a little family fiesta with this Farmers' Store fave. Now is the perfect time to add some quick n easy midweek meals into your weekly repertoire, especially delicious cooked over the campfire or after a long day at the beach !

The chilli & salsa recipes are designed to be adapted into multiple Mexican inspired meals. Add them to a bowl with some corn chips, local avo, sour cream, pickled jalapeño’s & some Church Farm MOJO sauce (pictured!) Roll into a burrito with your fave extras, make a tray of nachos or use as a taco filling ! 




Place a large pan over medium heat, add a dash of olive oil & the finely diced brown onion. Allow to cook until translucent before adding the mince to brown. 

Once the mince has begun to brown, add the spice blend, black beans, tin of tomatoes, water, sugar & salt. Cook uncovered, stirring often, until the sauce begins to thicken. Turn off the heat & stir through the coriander. 

For Fresh corn salsa: Combine all salsa ingredients in a bowl, mix, taste for seasoning & voila !


Image & Recipe by Jessica Bull