Eggsciting & Limited ** The Nest's Fresh Farm Eggs - Mixed Sizes

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If you love a farm fresh egg and don't mind  that it's size or colour doesn't match every other egg in the carton then these scrumptious pots of gold are for you.

The Nest's ladies live on the highest hill in Burringbar with the best view in the valley These chickens are living their best life. Eating organic scraps, roaming freely during the day and tucked up in their chicken caravan at night.

The rich yellow yolks and runny gooey egg whites are a delight to behold. We love eating them the simple way. Boiling them dipping our toast in the yolks, bright yellow scrambled eggs or whipping up a meringue to accompany our favourite seasonal fruit.

We only have a limited number of cartons of these a week - so get in quick.