Peanut Butter Super Bite - Daily Bar

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Sprouted Plant Protein + 7 Super Seeds + Cocoa Nibs w. Antioxidants, Bioavailable Amino Acids, Vitamins & Minerals = Anti Inflammatory, Lean Muscles Building & Energising Benefits!

Super Bites are bite-sized pieces of gooey superfood fudge, spiked with nourishing and brain-loving nuts and seeds, and coated in a thin layer of rich vegan dark chocolate.

Energising, brain fuelling, hunger fighting, afternoon slump defying bites of goodness for a fun + functional + fudge’n delicious afternoon work snack. Wrapped up in home compostable packaging, because the coolest people on earth eat sustainable plastic free snacks*

*Scientific fact!

Gluten + dairy + refined sugar free, the Super Bites team will work overtime to deliver skin-loving, immune-boosting, energy-building benefits because that's what super snack heroes do (and it also doesn't hurt that they taste like love feels).