Prometeo Organic Emmer (Spelt) Spaghetti 500g

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A bowl of Emmer Spaghetti leaves you feeling nourished and satisfied without the heaviness of a contemporary wheat pasta.

Crafted by Italy’s top artisanal pasta maker, Prometeo stone ground, wholemeal Emmer (Spelt) pasta boasts exceptional texture, quality and FLAVOUR!

Organic Certified, wholegrain Emmer pasta from Italy’s Urbino region. At 9,000 years old, Emmer is the second oldest grain cultivated by mankind. Emmer is rich in fibre, minerals, protein and vitamins.

Emmer is a variety of farrow which is likened to SPELT, however it is over 2,000 years older than Spelt.  Emmer has a much lower gluten content due to its low gluten and the best thing is  Emmer is also much more digestible than Spelt.

This spaghetti is well worth adding to your resume of top family meals.