Ruby Grapefruit - Certified Organic (500-600g)
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Ruby Grapefruit - Certified Organic (500-600g)

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Grapefruit are rich in anti oxidants and super juicy. Ruby grapefruit are sweeter and  excellent for juicing or ADDING TO SALADS. Each serve is approx 500 to 600 grams and equating to 1-2 large organic ruby grapefruits in total.

They are rich in vitamins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and flavonoids such as naringenin and limonene, which give this fruit its antioxidants and anti-tumour properties.

It is said eating grapefruit every day can help lower LDL cholesterol, boost heart health, reduce triglycerides, and combat age-related cellular damage.

Pop it on a crumpet with some fuity curd and know you are doing your body a favour!