Monceau Cerise Sparkling Non-Alc 750ml

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Monceau is brewed in Melbourne, using local and organic ingredients .

Spicy, earthy and vivid. Brewed with cherries from the Hilltops region in NSW, our Cerise is a full-bodied non-alc option to quaff with friends, foes and paramours. An ultra low-alc alternative to sparkling wine, designed for your best stemware and to pair beautifully with food.

Interesting bits:

- made in Melbourne, Australia
- low intervention
- Sophisticated and complex flavours
- naturally low sugar and ultra low alc
- local and organic ingredients
- less than 1% ABV

- 4.2g sugar per 150ml serve
- 6.2g carbs per 150ml serve
Ingredients: Pure sparkling water, cherry juice, sugar*, organic black tea, natural colour (red grape), yeast and beneficial bacteria, preservative (202).  * sugar is consumed by yeast cultrure