Twin Cosmic Coffee Creme with Cordyceps - Loco Love

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Superbly silky rich Peruvian cacao encases a coffee creme centre. Our uplifting organic coffee boasts smooth caramel and milk chocolate notes; grown by Colombian farmers who still handpick & wash the coffee cherries with pure Andes water – the most pure way! Spiked with organic Cordyceps militaris powder. Crowned with a single dark roasted coffee bean,  this is an energising pick-me-up for all coffee lovers. 

All Loco Love chocolates are vegan, soy-free, filler-free and refined sugar-free. They only use whole foods, never artificial sweeteners, and their herbs are in a small dose making them safe to eat while pregnant. The synergy of herbs, healing spices such as turmeric and medicinal mushrooms, make Loco Love - Chocolate with benefits.