HEALTH KULCHA Ancient Sour Dough Culture Organic 30g
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HEALTH KULCHA Ancient Sour Dough Culture Organic 30g

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Sourdough is a healthy alternative to conventional yeasted breads with many nutritional benefits. Sourdough is the traditional method of bread making that dates back over 5000 years to Ancient Egypt. This age old process of leavening uses friendly cultures in synergy that rise the bread and give it a unique sour flavour. These friendly cultures also predigest the gluten content of the grain, thus improving its digestibility.

No Yeast - none used, added or required. Perfect to aid digestion and for yeast sensitivities. Instead enjoy healthy cultures which reduce the gluten content for easy digestion.

Up until the time the first commercially yeast was produced, all bread was made using sourdough methods. Traditionally most families had a sourdough culture and many were passed down from generation to generation. Very few survive to this day. These rare and mature cultures improve with age into a highly active state.

The German Sourdough Culture is extremely active and is great for producing a fluffy loaf of bread with a mild sour flavour.