Monceau Blood Orange (Pét-Nat Kombucha)
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Monceau Blood Orange (Pét-Nat Kombucha)

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Interesting bits:

- made in Melbourne, Australia

- low intervention

- Natural fermentation, 2nd fermentation in the bottle

- 4.8g sugar, < 0.1 g fat, 162kj per serve (250ml)

- no sweeteners, artificial carbonation or preservatives

- less than 1% ABV

Monceau Blood Orange - brewed with blood oranges from the South Australian Riverland, yielding floral, aromatic notes and a perfect balance of sour and sweet.

Born out of a passion for low intervention, natural ferments, Monceau eschews the artificially-carbonated soft-drink style Kombucha on supermarket shelves. 

Ingredients: raw Kombucha (pure water, sugar*, wild kombucha culture, organic black tea), blood orange juice * sugar and blood orange juice sugars are consumed by the kombucha culture