Adaptogenic Hot Chocolate - Social Alchemy 128g

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Dark and addictive - this is a hot chocolate for grown ups.

A seductive superfood blend made with mineral rich cacao, medicinal mushrooms and vibrant ginger zest. A daily ritual that supersedes your morning coffee, bringing mental focus and increased stamina with none of the jitters or crash.

Made from ethically sourced 100% organic ingredients

Hand blended in Byron Bay.


Organic | Vegan | Prebiotic | Refined Sugar Free | Guilt Free


What is Adaptogenic?
Adaptogens are a select group of scientifically proven superfoods, herbs and medicinal mushrooms. These powerhouses help your body to combat stress, calm the nervous system and maintain optimal health and well-being.



cacao, panela, maca, ginger, carob, lucuma, reishi mushroom (10:1 extract),

chaga mushroom (10:1 extract), ashwagandha, cinnamon, peruvian mountain salt

All certified organic ingredients.